Making and sharing funny pet pictures is as easy as 1-2-3


 1.  Take a pictureBlack cat sitting on chest  2.  Add royal accessories with Pet Royals.Cat sitting on chest with red fascinator, pearls and ring 3.  Then share with friends or make something special on Shutterfly with the instant upload buttons in Pet Royals.Cat picture on coffee mugTwitter ImageSundog Solar Store Facebook Icon and link

Better Photos Get More Pets Adopted (ideas)

Here are the steps to taking a wonderful dog or cat photo.

1.  Take a photo of your pet with your mobile device or choose a picture from your camera roll.

2.  Add a variety of royal items.  Move the items, turn them and make them bigger or smaller using your fingers.

That’s it!

If you want to get fancier, there are tools for that, too but you can get great results using only these two steps.

When your funny pet picture is finished, Pet Royals makes it easy to save your work, email it to friends, post it on Facebook or Instagram or send it to Shutterfly to make coffee mugs, cards and calendars.

It’s FREE, so why not?  Download it right now by clicking the App Store button to the right.  We have more great apps on the way, so Like us on Facebook to get the latest!

Poodle princess picture

If we can be of any help, please email us – apps at catgameapps.com.


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  1. Mike Lang

    I can’t see anybody who has a pet not loving this site. I know my dog, Moxie, deserves a crown and I am certain most people feel that way about their pets.
    I could see using these as addition to my holiday cards.

    Great job….I thought I had seen every type of pet app….I guess I was wrong!


  2. Sharon

    This website is terrific! This website is for all of the people who love animals and have a sense of humor. Share the wealth.

  3. Marjory

    Oh my daughter loves this! What fun.

    1. PetRoyals1

      Thanks Marjory. Please LIKE us on Facebook if you get a minute. There’s a like button on the top right.

  4. JOhn

    This is a really fun app!
    I don’t see how anyone would not like it.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Nicole

    This app is really fun! I use both by dog’s photos, as well as my kid’s photos and add fun crowns and other royal embellishments to them. What I like the most about it is that it is super easy to use and upload the photos. The possabilites are endless!

  6. saba

    AWESOME app
    Its a real laughter therapy :)

  7. Pictures

    The dog’s picture is so funny.

  8. Iwona

    It is a great site. Playing with the accessories to create photo of king Fido it is just great idea for all pet lovers

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